What to do if you get a notice from the IRS

Receiving a letter from the IRS can be a very stressful experience. However, notices do not always mean you owe the government thousands of dollars.

Many notices are generated as a result of simple mistakes or misunderstandings, and oftentimes these issues are resolved with no additional taxes or penalties being assessed. Before you write a check for an assessment you do not understand, or call the IRS and waste time screaming at a revenue agent, here are a few things you should do…

  • READ THE NOTICE. Before you do anything, take a deep breath and read the notice carefully so you understand why the IRS is contacting you.
  • Compare the IRS information with your own information. Most tax notices are detailed enough to let you specifically identify where the problem lies. After you have identified the problem you can take steps to correct it.
  • Contact your tax preparer. A tax professional has experience with tax disputes and problem resolution. While it might be best to let a professional handle the entire matter, you should at least get a professional opinion.
  • Figure out if you need help from anyone else. The IRS cross-checks the information you provide on your tax return with information received from third parties such as employers and banks. You may need to contact those third parties before contacting the IRS in order to resolve the issue.

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